Orders from aboard to EU-countries

Shipping to EU-countries

I'm happy to ship DVDs to other EU countries. Swedish VAT is included in the price. No additional VAT or customer fees should then be added in those countries.

Shipping cost

I'm sorry to say, but shipping costs from Sweden are rather expensive, compared to other EU-countries:

Number of DVDs    Weight      Shipping cost
for IBAN
   Shipping cost
for Paypal

1   250 gr   60 SEK   6.80 Euro
2   500 gr   92 SEK   10.50 Euro
3   500 gr   92 SEK   10.50 Euro
4   1000 gr   162 SEK   18.50 Euro
5   1000 gr   162 SEK   18.50 Euro
6   1000 gr   162 SEK   18.50 Euro
7 or more       Ask   Ask
Handling cost       25 SEK   0 Euro

Three ways to pay

You must decide before ordering if you want to pay by Paypal or by IBAN. I can't easily change that to an order in progress.

  1. Pay the total sum to my Paypal account. Make the payment in Euro.

  2. Let me send you an Paypal invoice for the sum. Please e-mail for an invoice.

  3. Pay the sum using IBAN. Make the payment in SEK. If you want to pay in Euro I add an exchange fee.

Bank:    Nordea Bank AB, Smålandsgatan 17,  SE-10571 Stockholm
Swift/BIC kod:   NDEASESS
IBAN (account number):   SE23 9500 0099 6018 4998 4180


My ID is ”peter@teknikarv.se”. 
Make the payment in Euro in you use Paypal!

Please write your name as a message when paying by Paypal.

Paypal is the fastest method, many times the order can be shipped the same day.


Always e-mail me after your payment.

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