Orders from aboard to EES-countries – Norway and Switzerland

Shipping to Norway and Switzerland

I'm happy to ship DVDs to Norway and Switzerland. Price for DVDs and shipping is reduced with Swedish VAT (discount with 20%).

Customers and tax

I always declare the true value of the shipment for shipments outside EU.

Shipping cost

Number of DVDs    Weight      Shipping cost
for IBAN
   Shipping cost
for Paypal
        (reduce by 20% for ESS)

1   250 gr   60 SEK   6.80 Euro
2   500 gr   92 SEK   10.50 Euro
3   500 gr   92 SEK   10.50 Euro
4   1000 gr   162 SEK   18.50 Euro
5   1000 gr   162 SEK   18.50 Euro
6   1000 gr   162 SEK   18.50 Euro
7 or more       Ask   Ask
Handling cost       25 SEK   0 Euro

Two ways of ordering and pay

You must decide before ordering if you want to pay by Paypal or by IBAN. I can't easily change that to an order in progress. Then email your order and I either sent an invoice for Payal och IBAN.

  1. Pay the Paypal invoice by Paypal, using Euro. Please e-mail for an invoice.
  2. Pay the invoice for IBAN, using IBAN. Make the payment in SEK. Please e-mail for an invoice.
Bank:    Nordea Bank AB, Smålandsgatan 17,  SE-10571 Stockholm
Swift/BIC kod:   NDEASESS
IBAN (account number):   SE23 9500 0099 6018 4998 4180


My ID is ”peter@teknikarv.se”. 
Make the payment in Euro in you use Paypal!

Please write your name as a message when paying by Paypal.

Paypal is the fastest method, many times the order can be shipped the same day.


Always e-mail me after your payment.

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