Bodabergs torvströfabrik
Bodaberg peat factory


  Bodabergs torvströfabrik –  Bodaberg peat factory (Order # TAM81)
When the Swedish industrial railway society visited Bodaberg peat factory they saw how peat moss bales were made and took a ride out to the peat fields.

For almost one hundred years they have been digging peat at Bodaberg peat factory outside Nässjö. But the peat fields are close to a drinking water supply so now they can't get a prolonged permission for peat digging. The business flourished in the 1920 and 30’ when the works included a sawmill and fence making. Since 1960’ the peat factory has been run as a smaller family business and the brothers Kjell and Karl-Erik Karlsson has continued working several years after they retired. The Swedish industrial railway society visited the factory the fall of 2006 and this film was recorded. Manager Kjell Karlsson invites us to a trip to the peat fields on the factory's railway line and shows how peat moss bales are made in the factory.

Bonus material is a short film from when the Swedish railway club visited Bodaberg on a trip to Småland 1990.


The DVD is subtitled in Swedish and English. Swedish narration, cover and menus. Both subtitles and narration can be switched on and off independently.

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TAM81 – Bodabergs torvströfabrik
TAM81 – 

Running time   45 min
DVD även 4 min bonusfilm
Aspect ratio Main film and menus 16:9
Bonus film 4:3
Source format Main film: Dvcam, stereo sound
Bonus film, S-VHS, mono sound
Editing Digitalt
Sound tracks Swedish narration on/off
Subtitles Swedish / English on/off
Menus Chapter and information menus
Narration and sound on/off



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