Scener från Malmbanan
Scenes from the Iron Ore line


  Scener från Malmbanan - Scenes from the Iron Ore line (order # TAM61)
The Iron Ore line filmed in 1993 and 1996, mainly the northern section Kiruna–Narvik. The DVD shows ore trains hauled by the Swedish Dm3 locos and the Norwegian El15 locos, passenger trains hauled by Rc locos, works train hauled by T43 locos and switching with T46 locos. Most of the footage has been taken in beautiful winter landscape.

The scenic Iron Ore Line has intense traffic. We visited the line on two occations, in 1993 and 1996. SJ and NSB still runs the iron ore traffic for the mining company LKAB. Both Swedish Dm3 locos and Norwegian El15 locos are shown in the film.
   We mainly focus on the northern section of the Iron Ore Line, with ore trains, passenger trains and work trains, and switching on the Kiruna yard with T46, Uf and Dm locos.
   Some scenes has been published before, but the DVD consists mainly of previously unpublished footage.

The DVD is subtitled in Swedish and English. Swedish narration, cover and menus. Both subtitles and narration can be switched on and off independently.

Region-free DVD. Playable in computers and PAL-compatible DVD-players world-wide.


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TAM61 –  Scener från Malmbanan
TAM61 –  Scenes from the Iron Ore line

Running time   60 min
Type   DVD-5
Aspect ratio 4:3
Source format S-VHS, mono sound
Editing Digitalt
Sound tracks Swedish narration on/off
Subtitles Swedish / English on/off
Menus Chapter menus
Narration and sound on/off
Extra   Trailers from other DVDs – Video och böcker från Teknikarv
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