Cabride Karlstad–Hallsberg


  Cabride Karlstad–Hallsberg (Order # TAM42)
A cabride filming from a freight train between Karlstad on North Western Main line and Hallsberg on Western Main line. Two hours of traditional cabride in pleasant speed.

Running time: 128 min.

A traditional cabride from the North western and Western main lines between Karlstad and the railway junction Hallsberg. A trip that takes nearly 2 hours. We travel at a pleasant speed, about 80 km/h which lets us enjoy the line fully. The class Rc2 loco No. 1103 built by Asea in 1970 hauls our 1,500 tonnes heavy freight train.

The DVD is subtitled in Swedish and English. Swedish narration, cover and menus. Both subtitles and narration can be switched on and off independently.

Region-free DVD. Playable in computers and PAL-compatible DVD-players world-wide.


Click on the image to see the cover enlarged.   Click on the image to see the cover enlarged.

Click on the images to see the cover enlarge. Parts of the cover-side is both Swedish and English.

TAM42 –  Cabride Karlstad–Hallsberg

Running time   128 min
Type   First edition: DVD-R
Second edition: Replica DVD-9
Aspect ratio 4:3
Source format DV, stereo sound
Editing Digitalt
Sound tracks Swedish narration on/off
Subtitles Swedish / English on/off
Menus Chapter menus
Narration and sound on/off – Video och böcker från Teknikarv
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