Horse railway Tagel–Bor 100th anniversary


  Hästjärnvägen Tagel–Bor 100 år  – Horse railway Tagel–Bor 100th anniversary (bestnr TAM29)
100th anniversary of the Tagel horse railway, the first part of the Ohsabanan railway was celebrated a beautiful summer day. The many vistors  enjoyed the varity of activities with old machines, steam trains and vintage bus traffic.

Sanfrid Berglund, the man who owned Ohs Bruk (Ohs Works) in the beginning of the last century built a steam-powered sawmill in Tagel. He also built a railway between Tagel and Bor. Horses pulled the trolleys and there weren't any steam locos on the line at this point in time. Sanfrid Berglund some time later hade the railway extended to Ohs. The new railway was opened a few years later. This was the industrial line that today is the preserved railway Ohsabanan.
   The 100th anniversary of the horse railway was celebrated when in the beginning of the summer of 2006. It was celebrated in Bor with a horse-drawn wagon and speech of the local government commissioner. There was a steam train in traffic between Bor, Tagel and Sjövägen. The passengers could also take a vintage bus to the same destinations. In Tagel an old shingle-splitter was demonstrated which was to symbolise the old sawmill.
   In the film there is a shorter presentation of Ohsabanan, some history about Tagel and the sawmill and also some information about the locos used during the event. There were three locos steamed up this day. The internal-combustion engine Ohs hauled a freight train and was then displayed on the train yard.

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TAM29 – Hästjärnvägen Tagel–Bor 100 år
TAM29 – Horse railway Tagel–Bor 100th anniversary

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