Far som farfar – Varberg–Borås–Herrljunga
Go like Grandfather – Varberg–Borås–Herrljunga


  Far som farfar – Varberg–Borås–Herrljunga – Go like Grandfather – Varberg–Borås–Herrljunga (order # TAM28)
Many people came to ride the vintage trains between Varberg and Herrljung from the time when grandfather were young. This is a line that has been electrified for many decades with very few steam extras through the years. Diesels and electric locos help the steam engines in the very warm weather due to great fire hazard.

Far som farfar -- Go like Grandfather” was a vintage train day to remember. Many people wanted to ride the vintage trains, and trains were overcrowded. BJs – Bergslagen railway society  cooperated with the regional traffic administrations and the local folklore societies along the line who arranged entertainment at the stations. The tickets could therefore be used on the vintage trains as well as on the regular EMU. It had also been decided that people dressed in vintage clothes got the fare for half price.
   A train from Varberg to Borås started in the morning, and one trans started in Borås to later turn in Herrljunga. Both trains meet in Borås in the middle of the day. The station were crowded by all travellers, and locals wanted to see the trains in the beautiful weather. The trains then made one further trip each. The steam locos B No. 130 and E2 No. 1333 hauled one train each. Due to great fire hazard in the warm weather they got help from the diesels T21 Nos. 70 and 107 in on of the trains, and electro loco Du2 No. 384 in the other trains. The vintage electro loco also hauled on trains from Varberg to Borås.
   On the DVD we follow the trains along the line, from train window, from drivers cab, parallell footage from car and also at the arrangements at the stations. We covered the event with as much as seven photographers. The 95 min long film is diveded into 20 chapters for easy access when you want to se your favourite part.

The DVD is subtitled in Swedish and English. Swedish narration, cover and menus. Both subtitles and narration can be switched on and off independently.

Region-free DVD. Playable in computers and PAL-compatible DVD-players world-wide.


Klicka på bilden för att se omslaget uppförstorat.   Klicka på bilden för att se omslaget uppförstorat.

Click on the images to see the Swedish cover enlarge. The text on the cover side is translated to English and that is the text you find on this web page.

TAM28 – Far som Farfar – Varberg–Borås–Herrljunga
TAM28 – Go like Grandfather – Varberg–Borås–Herrljunga

Running time   Main film: 95 min.
Slide show: 12 min.
Type   Replica DVD-9
Aspect ratio 16:9
Source format Main film from Dvcam or DV, with a few scenes from DVD.
Slideshow from HDV 1080i
Editing Digitalt
Sound tracks Swedish narration on/off
Subtitles Swedish / English on/off
Menus Chapter menus
Narration and sound on/off
Extra   Slide show with pictures from the day



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