Tåg 150 på Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum
Train 150 at the Swedish Railway museum


  Tåg 150 på Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum – Train 150 at the Swedish Railway museum (Order # TAM06)
Train 150 at the Swedish railway museum in Gävle was the largest railway historical event in Sweden ever. The special trains and the regular traffic around Gävle covered a time period of 150 years are captures in this 95 min long railway DVD.

Running time: 95 min + fyra bonusfilmer.

DVD: 220 kr + porto

2006 it was 150 years ago that the first railways owned by the state was opened. This was celebrated with the event Train 150 during 4 hectic days in September 2006.
The event attracted the largest audience ever for a railway historical event in Sweden.
The train party began with two days of photo freight train and an exhibition. Saturday was the big celebration day with lots of special trains on the lines around Gävle. This continues on Sunday up to the end in the in the evening.
   In this film we mostly follow the trains on the lines around Gävle. We see a mix of regular trains and special trains. There are a large number of different electro locos, steam locos, diesel locos, EMUs and railcars to be seen in the trains. It is a good mixture of standard gauge trains representing a time period of 150 years. We also take a look at the exhibitions and the activities in the railway museum area in Gävle.

Train 150 is documented together with LEG video. But in this DVD we concentrate on the traffic in the Gävle area the four days ”Train 150” lasted. It's a considerably longer film, 95 min, compared to the two previously released films about the ”The railway 150 year” published by LEG video earlier (”Jubileumsåret 2006” and the Swedish/German version ”150-årsjubileum”) where "train 150" was just a small part.

35 min of bonus tracks:
- Transportations for Train 150, 17 min
- Narrow gauge locos at Train 150, 9 min
- Train 150’s exhibitions, 5 min
- Livesteam at Train 150, 4 min


The DVD is subtitled in Swedish and English. Swedish narration, cover and menus. Both subtitles and narration can be switched on and off independently.

Region-free DVD-R. Playable in computers and PAL-compatible DVD-players world-wide.



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TAM06 – Tåg 150 på Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum
TAM06 – Train 150 at the Swedish Railway museum

Running time   95 min* + bonusfilmer på totalt XXXX min
Aspect ratio 4:3
Source format Dvcam, and some footage with DV, stereo sound
Editing Digitalt
Sound tracks Swedish narration on/off
Subtitles Swedish / English on/off
Menus Chapter and bonus menus
Narration and sound on/off



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